The Friday Five 4/27

It’s April’s LAST Friday Five!

This week, it’s going to be all visual.

On Wednesday, I made a half-hearted attempt to link up with The Vintage Apple for “Oh, how Pinteresting.” I did not succeed. So, after playing around with the blog today (if you’ll notice, I added some graphics, some color, some widgets. She’s coming along, I tell you.), I decided that I would devote TODAY to Pinterest instead.

Here we go.








It’s OK, Thursday.

Let’s play a linky game!

Happy (Thirsty?) Thursday to you out there.

This is a new dealie for me, as I take a page from the book of the lovely Amber, whose fabulous blog I just discovered. Hey, who doesn’t like brunch? Check her out.

You know, if I’ve learned one lesson this week, it’s that it’s all really OK.


On this rainy Thursday, it’s OK…

to wear flowy, spring skirts, when when the day is dingy.

to read smut, every once in a while.

to be happy.

to be foolish.

to revel in sweet compliments, from even sweeter co-workers

to miss the slow, easy nature of small town life

to consider calling Dad, just to say hello, after 2 years of radio silence.

to distribute grammar propaganda.

to wear sophisticated heels with beat-up blue jeans.

to not own a hair dryer, or a curling iron.

to run around in the rain with reckless abandon.

What about you? What’s OK?

is there an echo in here?

hi friends!

i’m still here, and i’m still alive, i promise.

the posting has dwindled, i know, and i’m really bad at word-filled posts, and i’m working on that. but right now, i’m working on trying to make it through the end of my graduate school semester, and trying to not throw the baby (my sanity, and that of The Boy) out with the bathwater.

i’ll be back, sooner than you know it. pictures and words, galore.

in fact, who wants to hear about this new tradition we’re calling ‘kitchen dating’? well. if you come by tomorrow, there she shall be.

…until then.

The Friday Five 4/20

Image— ME. —

That’s what this lovely Friday afternoon posting will be. (Hey, I rhymed.)

There’s not been a whole lot of me to show up here, and I must begrudgingly admit, that’s kind of been on purpose. Giving you me is a little scary for…me. Of course, some of you already know these things, so maybe it’s not quite as scary as it could be.

1. I got my first kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel, at a county fair in rural northeast Vermont. I was eleven, and he was thirteen (Bonus: I guess I’ve always liked ’em older. Har har.). I can’t quite remember his name, but I think it was Paul. I still remember how nervous my mom was, sending me off to float through the air with a boy I’d only known a few short days. I remember the crowded fair, the smells of livestock, funnel cake and cotton candy mixing in the August warmth, the Ferris wheel jutting into the sky, but I don’t remember which made me more nervous, the ride or that sweet first kiss.

2. I’m deathly afraid of being home alone, but not always. I huddled in the bathroom yesterday for solid minutes after showering and dressing, terrified to leave because of an invisible, mythical creature invader roaming the rest of the apartment. Irrational? Sure. But there you have a glimpse into my SOUL.

3. I will eat anything. And I mean, anything. There are things I don’t like, sure. Raw oysters, for one. And I might be a little hesitant to eat dog meat, but I’d eventually do it. Go ahead. Gasp. But, why not? Life is too short to be a picky eater.

4. I try to live my life with no regrets. But I have a regret. I regret that I didn’t dye purple streaks in my hair in college. Sweet, fun and a little sassy. And I never had the guts.

5. And just for something completely random, my right leg is about half an inch longer than the left. I am, truly, lopsided. My right hip sits a bit higher than the other, and the right cuff of my jeans always wears out just a little before the left. It can be a fun party trick (hey y’all, look at this), but it’s also caused some early onset arthritis in my hip, and in my knee that will probably require surgery down the line.

So, please, join me in the sharing, will you? Give me some random fact about you. Pretty please. 🙂

i’ve got some work for you now.

I am a child of the 90s. (And, no, that does not mean I was born in 1991, and have a working recollection starting in 1995. That doesn’t count. I was born in 1987, and though it’s kind of foggy, I remember when the 90s began.)

I watched Sesame Street when Oscar still lived in a trash can, when cookies were not “a sometimes food,” and when Bert and Ernie were roommates…or were they?


I made it my mission to learn all the words to the crazy Animaniacs songs (state capitals, nations, presidents). I can’t say I ever succeeded, but hey, it was fun to try.


I watched Cory and Topanga fall in love, over and over.


And Rugrats, I watched constantly. I even saw The Rugrats Movie in the theater, if you can believe that. It’s in my grown-up Netflix queue, and I regularly watch a random pick, just when I need a walk back to childhood. In fact, I believe The Boy’s ringtone for me is the theme song. (Though it went downhill fast with the introduction of Kira and Dill — I mean, Dill Pickles, really? — and I’ll never watch All Growed Up. Ever.)


Maybe it’s the nostalgia of it all. Maybe it’s just me, but kids’ programming in the 1990s was AWESOME. The Boy and I have discussed purchasing DVD/BluRay/whatever format set of our favorites (these, and others…Full House, Doug, Step by Step, maybe even Clarissa Explain it All, simply because I LOVED it) for our *future* children, because today’s programming just doesn’t seem up to snuff.

Well, at least not all of it. I’m not ashamed to admit that Phineas & Ferb is pretty cool, and I’ve been kind of obsessed with the Fairly Odd Parents for some time now.

Though I must say, having watched it now as an adult, I doubt Scooby Doo (awesome as it was/is) will be added to that list of what my young’uns watch. Who knows what was really in those Scooby snacks, or what really went on inside the famed Mystery Machine (but I guess the Scooby movie — terrible — cleared that up for us).


So…grown ups, what cartoons/shows do your little ones watch?

What were your favorites as a child?

**And just as a note, I don’t claim to own copyright to any of these videos. All content falls under the sole ownership of the networks by whom they were produced.**