Ohh, How Pinteresting: Late Summer

I’m late! I’m late!

I’m bringing up the rear on Wednesday this week, but I am here.

The local college started classes this week, and the public county schools start on Tuesday. The traditional last big hurrah of summer is nearly upon us, but I’m not giving it up quite that easily. My summer extends one week and a half beyond the day on which most everyone will hang up their summer whites for fall chocolates and, this year, animal prints.

No fear, Fall, I won’t hold you at bay for long, but for now…

I’m running with a late summer theme, and linking up.








ImageThat’s all, folks.

What did you pin this week??


Typically Tuesday: Puerto Rico Prep, Part 2 (Bitten by the Airplane Bug)

Typically Tuesday: Puerto Rico Prep, Pt. 2 (Travel)

H M top
$6.31 – hm.com

Alice + Olivia patterned pants

Valentino bow heels
$350 – harrods.com

Zip bag

Tech accessory

Zucchini Pizza — A Recipe Success Story

Do you remember this from yesterday’s Pinterest escapades?


Well, they looked so yummy that I decided to make them for dinner last night, though we modified the original recipe a little bit.

Zucchini & Squash PIZZA (for two)

-Two average-sized green zucchini
-Two average-sized yellow squash
-Chunky marinara ( I used To-Be Healthy Rinaldi Marinara)
-Shredded mozzarella cheese

Our local grocery store didn’t have round zucchini, so we made do and bought the regular kind, and decided to add yellow summer squash to the mix. It would have, no doubt, turned out as well with one or the other, if you have a preference.

The Boy’s knife skills FAR exceed mine, so he’s the knife-wielder in our kitchen. He cut the veggies in half cross-ways, and then sliced it long-ways to make the pizza “crust.” The slices were between a quarter and a half inch thick.

Now, we also don’t have a grill so I arranged it all on a broiler pan, and brushed both sides with olive oil before sticking it in the oven for 6 minutes. Once my crust was good and tender, they came out from under the broiler, to be topped with marinara, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

Back in the oven they went, and 6 minutes later, dinner was ready!

This recipe was easy, fast, healthy and delicious.
Perfect for a no-fuss week night meal, or a quick weekend lunch
(and maybe even a good way to get small humans to eat their veggies!)

(the in-process before shot)


(the yummy and delicious after shot)

I can assure you — we WILL be making this again. And so should you.

Many thanks to Kalyn’s Kitchen for the original recipe, and the inspiration.

Ohh, How Pinteresting: Kitchen Dreaming

There are things I love about my kitchen. One whole section of counter is taken up by a butcher’s block. I have more than enough cabinet space. The neon-colored hand towels.

But there are as many, or more things about my kitchen that I dislike. The galley style. The fact that we don’t have a full-size refrigerator. The fact that our itty bitty microwave has to sit on a shelf in the dining room. And, though it’s bigger than the last, the kitchen is very, very small.

I’m spending more and more time dreaming about when The Boy and I have a home larger than a 1-bedroom apartment, and a kitchen large enough to dance in if the mood strikes us.

So that’s the motivation for this week’s link up …


And maybe one day, we’ll be here again.

From my kitchen to yours, here we go!
















Okay, that’s it, folks.

What did you pin this week??

Typically Tuesday: Puerto Rico Prep, Pt. 1

Typically Tuesday: Puerto Rico Prep, Pt. 1

Olsenhaus thong sandals
$94 – fashion-conscience.com

Gucci beach tote bag
$390 – profilefashion.com

Flower necklace

It’s FRIDAY: Stretch with me!

The writing bone is a muscle that needs to be exercised — holy mixed metaphors, I know. Writing’s not an easy thing to continue post-formal education, and in my search for inspiration this morning, I discovered a fabulous new blog that I’m quickly becoming very fond of, tales from a gypsy mama.

Lisa-Jo, the lovely lady behind the above mentioned blog, hosts a #FiveMinuteFriday writing link-up each week, an exercise I will be participating from here on out. The topic is but a single word.

This week, it’s STRETCH.

For all of the wonderful details, and to participate yourself, click right here.

Or below.




Stretch. The word can have so many connotations. It can mean working the muscles in your arms and legs, or the muscle inside your head (like what I’m doing here). It can be something that’s mandated by the school system, or something you do voluntarily. But I’ve gone in a different direction — I’ve been lead to none other than Stretch Armstrong, and the crazy things parents tell their children.

I remember a time when my brother and I were young, and we had a Stretch Armstrong doll. Our mom told us the insides were poison, so we wouldn’t break him open and make a big ol’ mess. To this day, I’m not entirely sure whether that’s true or not. I think we finally did pierce his ‘skin’ at one point, and well, we’re both still here, but the insides were sticky and gross, and I’m pretty sure we regretted it afterward.

Not only were we sticky, but our toy was busted. I don’t know why I liked desecrating toys. I pulled the hair out of my Barbie dolls. I drew all over furniture, and put stickers on everything. Perhaps I just needed a better outlet for my creative expression, but I’m not entirely sure I’ve found it yet. Writing, yeah. The blog is fun, but I still want something else to do.

I’ve always thought of myself as anti-crafty, and I don’t know how to sew.


Now it’s your turn. Take five minutes, and write.

All Growed Up

I have a Master’s degree.


The George Washington University — how pretentious, right? — has (almost, nearly) certified my receipt of a Master of Professional Studies in Publishing.


In May, with still a few months to go, man, was I excited??


And then, on the evening of July 23, after coming home from my final class, The Boy and I went out for cheesecake.


Now, in the near month that’s followed, I’m not quite sure what to think. I got a library card, and checked out books I haven’t yet read. I get up in the mornings and come to a job that I (don’t always) dislike. And I get to spend seven nights a week, instead of the five that had been the norm, with my boy.

What am I supposed to do now that I’m really a grown up?

I don’t have an answer. For 20 years, I was a student. A waitress and a student. An editorial assistant and a grad student. An editorial assistant, a freelance copyeditor, a girlfriend, and a grad student. That one title that forged on, and carried me through three primary schools, two middle schools, two high schools and two institutions of higher education is gone. And I miss it.

Today is move-in day at the University from which I received my Bachelor’s degree, and it feels foreign to not be a part of the ‘gear up for Fall’ rituals for the first time since 1992.

Over the next few months, I have no doubt I’ll find my sea legs and learn how to navigate the new challenges that come with the land of “real” grown-ups, and maybe, eventually, I’ll go back to school for that MPA I’ve had my eye on since college.

But for now, I’ll attend to those books, waiting patiently in my Nook, and focus my attention to ritual on our impending tropical vacation.